Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 in Pictures

Winter: Fans at the ACC celebrate as the Leafs score against the St. Louis Blues in the third game of the season, January 6th. The Leafs won in a shootout, 6-5. 

Winter: Icicles hang off of the pipe outside my house as the winter gets into full swing.

Winter: The sun sets on the smokestacks by the hospital where I volunteer on one of the last days of my my 365 Challenge.

Winter: Taken with a delayed shutter. I am posing on the last night of my 365 day challenge with print-outs of my favorite pictures from the year. The camera I am holding is a 1970's Canonet (film).

Winter: Taken the day after the end of my 365 day challenge, the start of my "photo hangover". 

Winter: The view from the top floor of Botterell Hall on Queen's campus - my favourite view from anywhere on campus. Taken during my last lab up there.

Winter: Jessica Pickles eating M&M's out of the origami ball I threw them to her in during a late night at Stauffer Library during the midterm exam period.

Winter: Victoria Garner's dog Jewel hanging out in her car after she and I got off the train in Toronto.

Winter: Snowzombies! (Yes, the Z is backwards.)

Winter: The Canada SnowBeaver I made on the lawn of our rental house during a major snow in Toronto. The house has since been torn down.

Winter: A Red-tailed Green Ratsnake in the Toronto Zoo's Mayalan Woods Pavillion.

Winter: Budi and his mom Puppe, orangutans in the Indomayala Pavillion, have a little bonding time.

Winter: Visiting the Ontario Science Centre with Victoria.

Winter: A snowy vista on the back lot of Craigleith Ski Club in Collingwood on a great powder day.

Winter: A Rickard's White turned Green for St. Patrick's Day at the Clark Hall Pub, Queen's.

Winter: Another sunset at the Toronto Zoo, behind the West Caucasian Tur's mountain. 

Winter: The ever-lovely Maria Nasr pictured with George Stroumboulopoulos at the Grizzly Grill, Kingston.

Spring: Bren Smith, Kelsey Wibbing, Alexandra Foster and Caelin Mercer strike a pose before ArtSci Formal.

Spring: Victoria Garner holds one of the many adoptable cats at the Kingston Humane Society shelter while I photograph her for the website.

Spring: Kingston comes back into bloom, slowly but surely!

Spring: Mike Yan comes over (all the way from next door) to show off his brand new Canon 7D.

Spring: DearStaufferFriends puts on an Easter Egg Hunt in the stacks of Stauffer, hiding chocolate eggs for students to find and munch on while they study.

Spring: One of Jess Pickle's foster puppies, Bella(trix), cuddles up to Mercer.

Spring: Sunet hits the upper, compact-storage stacks at the top of Stauffer as another night there begins.

Spring: Jess Pickles, Paolo Uy and others finish off the Oil Thigh, the Queen's cheer, at the corner of University and Union during the campus-wide event Queen's Loves U.

Spring: Jess and Paolo give each other a hug during Queen's Loves U. The event was meant to promote campus spirit and reach out to struggling students after 6 undergraduates died or commited suicide during the past year. It was entirely organized by students.

Spring: As part of Queen's Loves U, chalk was left out on the sidewalks and students were encouraged to write messages to their friends and classmates. Above are words to live by!

Spring: Stuck in Stauffer cramming, I vent my frustrations (and betray a bit of the crazy within) about one of my classes on plant resource management and industry.

Spring: Posing for my webcam after I chopped off 8.5 inches of my hair to donate for cancer patient wigs. By the time I cut it, I couldn't fit it in a ponytail holder any more.  

Spring: Climbing up to the top of the bluff with James Tennant, I snapped this as the sun got lower.

Spring: (Out West) A very lost moose runs across our path in the foothills of the mountains, They are so awkward.  

Spring: (Out West) Morraine Lake, frozen over for the winter.

Spring: (Out West) On the Icefields Parkway - a very highly recommended drive!!

Spring: (Out West) The man himself, Jimmy T, out on a real glacier after the scariest ride in the weirdest truck ever.

Spring: (Out West) One of the more picturesque glaciers along the parkway.

Spring: (Out West) View from the top of the cable car in Jasper - far and wide!

Spring: (Out West) The view from the restaurant of the Banff Springs Lodge, Banff.

Spring: (Out West) Lake Louise, slightly less frozen than the other lakes in the area, and the usual pretty colour.

Spring: (Out West) Check off another on the too-see list - welcome to the Alberta Badlands!

Spring: (Out West) It's not a real vacation unless it involves dinosaurs. Taken at the Royal Tyrell in Drumheller.

 Spring: (Out West) Major wish fulfilment here, standing in the Burgess Shale exhibit of the Royal Tyrell!

Spring: (Out West) RAWR. 

Spring: (Out West) Coulees outside of Drumheller, AB. So cool. This trip was great.

Spring: (Out West) My summary of the trip, drawn on the Montana's paper table cloth. Highlights include Dad, James and I (thinking about Mom) on a dinosaur, by the coulees, near a mountain. On the mountain are the glacier truck (at the right), the bighorn sheep, the gondola of death, the elk. At the dinosaurs feet are a ground squirrel, the slide from the Drumheller inn and the lost moose. 

Spring: Patrick Carson, my cousin, marries Miranda (Green, formerly) in June. Reading a speech for them in my other cousin, Jordan (Pat's brother). 

Spring: The waterfall at the reception area where Patrick and Miranda got married was really, really pretty.

Summer: The business end of a male Peacock at the Toronto Zoo.

Summer: Bill's dog Tahoe catching some waves at my grandparent's cottage on the May 2-4 weekend. 

Summer: David Dodge and the Hon John Crosbie at James' graduation from Queen's, which happened to be the same day as mine.

Summer: I probably looked like a crazy person as I lay on the lawn to take pictures of my neighbour's new puppy, but it was clearly worth it. 

Summer: This is the slug I got stung by at the zoo. He is a Spiny Oak Slug and I named him Stanley. 

Summer: A Queen's varsity soccer player out-paces an Ottawa forward during an August exhibition game.

Summer: The Grey House. A long-time safe place for LGBT youth on campus, the tenants of the house faced eviction this year, prompting a SavetheGreyHouse campaign.

Summer: One of the last bees of the year buzzed around the flowers behind Jeffrey Hall on a warm evening.

Fall: The view as I set up shop for the year overlooking Johnson and University.

Fall: (Frosh Week) ArtSci Frosh groups war with the chant "Yes, yes, yes we do! We've got spirit, how bout you?"

Fall: (Frosh Week) Commerce Frosh yell cheers across a barrier at Engineering Frosh on the other side.

Fall: (Frosh Week) ArtSci Frosh roll in the dust at the diamond in City Park on Frosh Olympics day.

Fall: (Frosh Week) OCs pose for a photo at ArtSci Frosh Olympics.

Fall: (Frosh Week) ArtSci Frosh, led by two Gaels, do the Oil Thigh.

Fall: (Frosh Week) Engineering Frosh mosh to decide what their year song is going to be, along with their FRECs and Techs.

Fall: (Frosh Week) Engineering frosh get dirty during the wrestling matches at Highland Games.

Fall: (Frosh Week) An ArtSci frosh grins after getting steamrollered by her frosh group on Olympics day.

Fall: (Frosh Week) A group of Gaels practice cheers.

Fall: (Frosh Week) A Frosh has her hands painted to make her print on her coveralls during Shine Day in the Park, a full-day fundraiser for Shinerama, a Cystic Fibrosis charity.

Fall: (Not-Homecoming) Brendan May and Steph Sardelis at the Not Homecoming football game. (Homecoming was officially cancelled in 2008 but continues to be celebrated on the weekend it used to occur on by much of the student body.)

Fall: (Not-Homecoming) A pair of streakers add to the mayhem of the homecoming game (hilariously).

Fall: (Not-Homecoming) Engineers perform the tradition of rushing the field during half time to slam their jackets on the field.

Fall: (Not-Homecoming) Two students who, for reasons unclear, decided to handcuff themselves to each other sit outside on their porch "protesting" police presence during homecoming weekend. (I enjoy the "I miss our RIGHTS?" the most).

Fall: Kelsey Wibbing and Mike Shepertycky hang out on the couch at our place before a night out. 

Fall: Taken from my Porter airlines flight out of Billy Bishop airport, an aerial view of the downtown core.

Fall: A pretty awesome airplane-shaped lake, as seen from my airplane seat somewhere over Nova Scotia.

Fall: Another from the air - its like he was doodling with his boat, just for me.

Fall: (Halifax) MacDonald Bridge, between Dartmouth and Halifax.

Fall: (Halifax) Katie Dorian and James Tennant show off their Thanksgiving spread.

Fall: (Halifax) Halifax harbour at night, taken by the Lower Deck, off Water Street.

Fall: (Halifax) Bottles lines up at one of the bars we visited on our night out in Halifax.

Fall: (Halifax) Peggy's Cove, beautiful as it ever was on a fine Fall day.

Fall: (Halifax) Flowers sit in a notch in the giant headstone that marks the crash site of Swissair Flight 111. 

Fall: Asad Chishti talks to the members of the Queen's Camera Club while we walk around on campus.

Fall: Caelin gives Amber (L) and Jade (R) a ride in her pockets one evening at our house.

Fall: Some mood lighting, the signature look of my housemate Charline's bedroom.

Fall: My mom cuddles our foster kitten, Zizi, during her visit to us during the first weeks of class.

Fall: Foster kitten Mushu sleeps in his typical, preferred pose on Charline's arm.

Fall: Hindurika Satchithanandamoorthy hangs out during a break between classes in the computer lab at Duncan McArthur Hall.

Fall: Whoever stocks the supplies for the biology classrooms obviously has some Queen's spirit.

Fall: Foster kitten Pekoe naps in the living room the day before they go back to the shelter.

Fall: Foster kittens (CW from L) Pekoe, Thor, Mushu and Zizi nap on a chair together.

Fall: Mid-practicum, I was starting to feel the time crunch everyone warns about - I took it out on the fridge.

Fall: Every once and a while, Queen's does something hilarious - like Trollface and Forever Alone walking around on Halloween day.

Fall: While at the STAO conference in October, I managed to pick up a nifty beaker-shaped cookie!

Fall: Queen's Wears is a charity initiative to support various charities through shirt sales. Last year it was Pink, for breast cancer, and this year it was Green, for mental health awareness.

Fall: Nevil Whitty and other Queen's residence dons had special shirts for Queen's Wears Green.

Fall: Sam McKibbon play-strangles Cheryl Oliver - prac stress clearly driving them over the edge.

Fall: The sun setting over the field at the school where I do my practicum placement.

Winter:  A snapshot of an abandoned part of town from what turned out to be one of my last serious for-fun bike rides this year.

Winter:  A neat discovery at an antiques market in Toronto while shopping for presents: a 1906 copy of the Journal!

Winter:  Grandma and Grandpa smile for the camera (and at each other) during Christmas dinner.

Winter:  Every year, its my job to decorate the tree. I pulled out some long-unused ornaments this year.

Winter:  Amber the gerbil rests in my mom's hands on Christmas morning, having brought her cage down to bes with us in the living room. Her sister and buddy Jade had died 8 days earlier. Paired gerbils often die soon after each other from grief, and Amber passed away the day after this was taken.

Winter:  Bennington is lit up but conspicuously snow-free on Christmas Day in the evening.

Happy New Year everyone!